June 19, 2014

Pixiv ID: 31111256Member: 由宇レイ

Pixiv ID: 31111256
Member: 由宇レイ

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June 18, 2014

Fallen Angel
Pixiv ID: 15494023Member: ゆなれ

Fallen Angel
Pixiv ID: 15494023
Member: ゆなれ

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Pixiv ID: 36031389Member: Meimi_K

Pixiv ID: 36031389
Member: Meimi_K

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Pixiv ID: 41117858Member: ゆた

Pixiv ID: 41117858
Member: ゆた

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Pixiv ID: 28311601Member: きりちんぽ姉

Pixiv ID: 28311601
Member: きりちんぽ姉

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June 16, 2014

Pixiv ID: 14509855Member: そのかず

Pixiv ID: 14509855
Member: そのかず

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June 12, 2014

Creator: meimi
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Creator: meimi

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Pixiv ID: 41021060Member: もも

Pixiv ID: 41021060
Member: もも

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i graduated yesterday and the crippling anxiety of the fact that i have no idea what to do with my life is currently very bad, oh well…

but something thats soothing my existential crisis is the 3000 pounds i got from mum and dad as well as the 425 i got from grandma and grandpa so rn ive got around 7000 pounds im allowed to do w/e i want to with when i count in what ive saved myself, thats sweet and ill earn 3890 more by the end of summer from one of my summer jobs and the other one ill prbly also earn quite a lot but im not running on a schedule there so if ive made the correct calculations, i prbly havent, ill have around 12690 pounds by the end of summer

if i cant be mentally stable its at least nice that im financially stable and still living at home

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Pixiv ID: 29076044Member: Rella

Pixiv ID: 29076044
Member: Rella

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May 31, 2014

You are angel
Pixiv ID: 15257403Member: さちこ

You are angel
Pixiv ID: 15257403
Member: さちこ

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Pixiv ID: 29334596Member: 豆酥_スパッツ大好き

Pixiv ID: 29334596
Member: 豆酥_スパッツ大好き

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Pixiv ID: 33326883Member: 桜井綾

Pixiv ID: 33326883
Member: 桜井綾

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Pixiv ID: 41029896Member: てかゐ

Pixiv ID: 41029896
Member: てかゐ

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May 30, 2014

im currently applying for a job and i have to send a picture with my email and mum just told me im ugly 


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